Fusion Series Decoys

Fusion Series Duck & Goose Decoys From Cherokee Sports Combining the look of a hand carved decoy with this wonderfully popular photo printed light weight design

***All Puddler Series Decoys including: Black Mallard, Gadwall, Mallard, Shoveller, Pintail, Widgeon and Wood Duck come with two headless 'Dabbler-Position' decoys per 6 pack.

"Not only are these newest inflatable decoys functional, but they are amazingly lifelike, too. The decoys are printed with an actual photo of a live duck. As a wildlife photographer, I appreciate realism since I use the decoys not just for hunting--where one needs only to lure ducks within shotgun range, roughly 40 yards--but also for attracting ducks into camera range, a distance measured in feet, not yards."

-Bill Marchel, in the Star Tribune out of Minneapolis/St. Paul


Black Mallard (per 6)
Canada Goose
Field Mallard
Snow/Blue Goose
Speckled Belly Goose
Gadwall (per 6)
Green-wing Teal (per 6)
Mallard (per 6)
Pintail (per 6)
Ring-neck (per 6)
Shoveler (per 6)
Wood Duck (per 6)