Inflatable Photoprinted Dove Decoys

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Price: $12.99


The Inflatable Photoprinted Dove Decoys come in a pack of 6.

Think dove decoys don't work? Find out by letting the guy next to you use them, when you're not. It will change your mind. Fit all one dozen decoys in your pocket. Dove hunting is more than simply walking around trying to find birds that are hiding. Our decoys bring the doves to you! Field stakes included, or string them to a branch or fence.

A Cherokee Sports Inflatable Dove Decoy In The Field

Cherokee Sports' dove decoys, as you can see, easily fool the doves..but what about something with a little better vision?  What about something that is world-renowned for its' keen eye sight and being able to see prey from hundreds of yards away...How about a hawk?


As you can see, our dove decoys look so realistic, that they can even fool a predator as sharp and witty as a hawk!