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Five Limits A Tough 8 Limits

Five Limits

Runtime: 8 minutes 51 seconds

A Tough 8 Limits

Runtime: 9 minutes 54 seconds

Sunny 7 Limits The Winds Wrong

Sunny 7 Limits

Runtime: 9 minutes 44 seconds

The Winds Wrong

Runtime: 9 minutes 43 seconds

A Little Sunshine As Strong As It Gets

A Little Sunshine

Runtime: 8 minutes 40 seconds

As Strong As It Gets

Runtime: 9 minutes 34 seconds

Call Shy Ducks Cherokee Sports Got You Covered

Call Shy Ducks

Runtime: 9 minutes 47 seconds

Cherokee Sports Got You Covered

Runtime: 0 minutes 52 seconds

Cut Em No Slack Leaky Waders

Cut Em No Slack

Runtime: 9 minutes 21 seconds

Leaky Waders

Runtime: 9 minutes 41 seconds

Need Some Aiming Oil One Duck Shy

Need Some Aiming Oil

Runtime: 8 minutes 18 seconds

One Duck Shy

Runtime: 7 minutes 29 seconds

One of Those Mornings Preserving Our Heritage

One of Those Mornings

Runtime: 8 minutes 29 seconds

Preserving Our Heritage

Runtime: 9 minutes 23 seconds

Rub My Whistle So Much For Sunshine

Rub My Whistle

Runtime: 8 minutes 49 seconds

So Much For Sunshine

Runtime: 9 minutes 46 seconds

The Dead Ringer Unlike Any Other Decoy

The Dead Ringer

Runtime: 2 minutes 21 seconds

Unlike Any Other Decoy

Runtime: 0 minutes 32 seconds

A Brighter Decoy Broke the Jerk String

A Brighter Decoy

Runtime: 9 minutes 29 seconds

Broke the Jerk String

Runtime: 13 minutes 49 seconds

Rusty and Friends The Youth Hunt

Rusty and Friends

Runtime: 9 minutes 23 seconds

The Youth Hunt

Runtime: 9 minutes 49 seconds

The Comparison The Thicket

The Comparison

9 minutes 40 seconds

The Thicket

Runtime: 9 minutes 42 seconds

Jerk Cord Duck Hunt 2009 Rusty Creasey's Duck Hunt

Jerk Cord Duck Hunt 2009
Runtime: 16 minutes
*Please Be Patient as the video loads.*

Rusty Creasey's Duck Hunt

Runtime: 3 minutes 00 seconds

Fusion Series Decoys Steve Barnett's Duck Hunt

Fusion Series Decoys

Runtime: 3 minutes 40 seconds

Steve Barnett's Duck Hunt

Runtime: 6 minutes 52 seconds

The Blind Truth 2 in 1 Calls

The Blind Truth

Runtime: 2 minutes 52 seconds

Two Calls Fused Together